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Originally posted on BA Expat:
I’ve never really been one to follow the masses or participate in the rigid march of conformity. I sold candy on the black market in 5th grade, started an auto parts company when I was…

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The world as he sees it

I’ve been browsing dear Youtube these past days, on the look out for some new…or unheard by my ears. Songs that would make my soul vibrate and take me away to a new world of senses. I think this one … Continue reading

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Winter Cold

It snowed for the first time this year…actually, the third time but really only this time counts. My five year old asked me to make a snowman for him and I reluctantly agreed. Reluctantly, not because I don’t love playing … Continue reading

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Prayer Part1

I like to think that prayer is like sending up a wish, believing that it will come to pass in due time. I’m not a good “prayer person” for the main reason that I’m despondent about it. I’ve seen people … Continue reading

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