Thought this was a great post.
Refreshing, inspirational and full of passion!
Hope you readers can have a 10 minutes glimpse into the world you dream of, unless maybe you already have it around, who knows….

BA Expat

I’ve never really been one to follow the masses or participate in the rigid march of conformity. I sold candy on the black market in 5th grade, started an auto parts company when I was 16, skipped my senior year of high school, and was on a one-way flight to Vegas during my college graduation.

At age 23, I was making plenty of money and was only working a few hours a day. It was every guy’s dream – living in Sin City, improving my Call of Duty skills with previously undiscovered dedication, and embracing a general lack of responsibility that I hadn’t experienced since…well, college. So, after a year in Vegas, I took the next logical step – I moved back to New Jersey (where I grew up),  started working for the family business, and signed a 15 month lease with a new girlfriend that I met on


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The world as he sees it

I’ve been browsing dear Youtube these past days, on the look out for some new…or unheard by my ears. Songs that would make my soul vibrate and take me away to a new world of senses.

I think this one is pretty sweet for a starter.


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Winter Cold

It snowed for the first time this year…actually, the third time but really only this time counts.

My five year old asked me to make a snowman for him and I reluctantly agreed.

Reluctantly, not because I don’t love playing with my boy but because I cannot stand the cold!

So, I thought “if I’m going to do see I shall do it right!”. I armed myself of 4 pairs of socks, 4 sweaters, coat, hat and so on.

Finally outside, we start rolling the ball, until it looked like this:

As I was rolling the ball, I started feeling bad that I hadn’t thought of building a snow man before my son asked me to do so. How could I have not planned it?

The feelings of being a terrible mom started creeping in…

Then I realized that I actually was building this snow man with him, and that maybe things in life don’t always need to be planned in order for them to turn out right.

Maybe it’s okay to just go with the flow sometimes and have some fun.

Us and our triumph “Mister Winter Cold”.

Hope you are all having as much fun as we are in this winter season.

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Prayer Part1

I like to think that prayer is like sending up a wish, believing that it will come to pass in due time.

I’m not a good “prayer person” for the main reason that I’m despondent about it.

I’ve seen people pray and talk about prayer my whole life but I don’t seem to grasp the essence of a prayer. I don’t connect!

I want to. I’ve wanted to for many years now. I’ve decided many times to “start” praying, to have a prayer list, to pray differently.

First, I have never gone through with it. Second, I still seem to pray the same and third, I still don’t have a prayer list!

So, how can I get this prayer life going?

Maybe I should start by asking myself; How can I truly believe that what I pray for IS heard and exists?

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